Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ronald Reagan Love Letter

This love letter will make you fall in love all over again!
Ronald Reagan ~ March 4, 1983
Dear First Lady,

I know tradition has it that on this morning I place cards Happy Anniversary cards on your breakfast tray. But things are somewhat mixed up. I substituted a gift and delivered it a few weeks ago.
Still this is the day, the day that marks 31 years of such happiness as comes to few men. I told you once that it was like an adolescent's dream of what marriage should be like. That hasn't changed.
You know I love the ranch but these last two days made it plain I only love it when you are there. Come to think of it that's true of every place and every time. When you aren't there I'm no place, just lost in time and space.
I more than love you, I'm not whole without you. You are life itself to me. When you are gone I'm waiting for you to return so I can start living again.
Happy Anniversary and thank you for 31 wonderful years.
I love you
Your Grateful Husband

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Best View of Atlanta

Ladies and gentlemen look real close and you'll see the beautiful Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel. It's the tallest building in the photo, the 73-floor landmark located in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The Atlanta hotel offers deluxe amenities and dramatic city views with luxurious guest rooms, featuring Westin's Heavenly Bed® & Heavenly Bath®. Then there is the fabulous signature revolving rooftop restaurant affectionately known as the Sundial. It's truly a treat to experience "Atlanta's Best View of Atlanta!"
On Wednesday and Thursday evenings diners enjoy live mellow jazz performed by the acclaimed Mose Davis Jazz Trio.
The restaurant holds a special place in my heart. The place where my DH took me for our first date. I still get goosebumps when I think about the evening that we spent in each other's company. Enjoying a great meal and talking with great music playing in the background. We were definitely in our own world. I can share with you that there were a few times when I left the planet for sure. The man blew me away with his charm and magnetism.
Tell me a favorite place or thing that brings back fond memories that you'll draw on to warm your heart and tickle your soul for years to come?

Fashion's Night Out in New York City!

On September 10, 2009 NYC will present Fashion’s Night Out a shopping event that kicks off New York Fashion Week. Vogue, NYC & Company, The City of New York, and The CFDA have come together to promote and boost the retail economy and celebrate the fashion industry with a night of shopping and celebrating. It will be a night of shopping with hundreds of retail stores that will stay open until 11:00 pm. The stores will host appearances by models, designers, and celebrities whom support the industry.
Oh me oh my if you know me, you'd know that I was a heart beat away from being in New York City for this highly anticipated event. I won't be able to attend due to a special invitation to attend another highly anticipated event, The International Love & Money Summit in Savannah, Georgia next week. We will be staying on for a few days after the summit, and therefore I will not be able to fly to NY for this one, but oh next year I'm so there!
A few of the event details from the promo site are.... d
The first evening of New York Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out will encompass festivities galore— from inventive window displays to model and celebrity appearances. Champagne may flow; hors d'oeuvres may be passed. Rumors of musical performances, downtown barbecues, shoe capsules, limited-edition rings, and sweepstakes abound. Apparently there will be makeovers, brow bars, and haircut stations at sundry spots, too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

There will always be Hope.......

When I saw the article about this beautiful 45.52-carat blue diamond in the Los Angels times, the first thing I thought about was the movie Titantic and how I felt when Kate Winslet drop the beautiful necklace into the ocean. I'll never forget how all of the ladies in the audience gasped, the sighs, oohs and awes in unison!
There is quite a stir over the 45.52-carat blue diamond famously known as the Hope Diamond. Purchased by jeweler Harry Winston from the estate of Evalyn Walsh McLean. The diamond is being reset to mark the 50th anniversary of its donation to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History by jeweler Harry Winston.
The House of Harry Winston has created three possible new settings, and, in conjunction with the Smithsonian Channel, is asking the American people to cast their vote for their favorite.
The voting runs through Sept. 7, and the result will be announced sometime this fall.
Photos: The Smithsonian Institution

Monday, August 24, 2009

Communicating about Sex!

Start by talking. You’d be surprised by how many couples spend hours discussing everything from finances to who's picking up the kids from school this week, but don’t ever communicate when it comes to sex.
Husbands often suffer from MES (Male Ego Syndrome) and want to prove to themselves that they can satisfy their wives in bed. Women often suffer from what I call FFS (Female Fear Syndrome) and have fear to be open and honest about their needs. They worry that the husband may feel inadequate if they open up. It's only natural for women to worry, based on a woman's natural nurturing tendencies to consider her man's needs more so than her own. Sometimes as a result of both behaviors you get MES + FFS = JFI (Just Fake It)!
So be honest if you’re craving of anything at all! Trust me you'll be a lot happier all the way around and create an openness with each other that will lead to greater more satisfying intimacy. For both partners you'll be surprised at how happy the other is to oblige.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Spruce up your nest...

Check out this cool DIY idea to liven things up and create a modern space.
Working on weekend projects around the house can be fun and exciting! The idea is working together and having fun at the same time.
Make it fun by catching up about your week (don't be a killjoy and talk too much about work), ordering a pizza and stealing kisses during the project. Add a little spice after the project by cleaning up together. Oh....and I don't mean cleaning up the room oh know; I'm talking about each other!
This DIY painting idea is brought to you by "the Nest".....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Neero and Anna Luxury!....

Ladies, we always want to look and feel our best. It's so important to take good care of your skin and hair. I recently found this fabulous botanically based and environmentally friendly SATIN HYDRATION THERAPY® satin pillowcase that protects your skin & hair.

Right now they are having an end of Summer sale, 15 % off! They also donate 15% to Breast Cancer research, education and awareness! So honored to bring this product to you. Did you know that the American Cancer Society recommends satin to help ease discomfort for chemo patients? Makes sense right....
Heart this Satin lingerie laundry bag. Makes the perfect travel mate and only $14.99!
ssLove, love, love the His and Her set! Gentlemen also want to take good care of their skin!f

I didn't list them here, but you can read about the TOP 5 REASONS WHY YOU NEED Satin Hydration Therapy® on the Neero and Anna website. Reason #6, because 15% of all sales go to such a worthy cause.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Budget Friendly Romantic Weekend Getaway Tips...

6 Budget Friendly Romantic Weekend Getaway ideas to help keep the spark in your relationship!
1. Choose an off season destination. Area hotels will have lower rates if it's not peak season for travel. You're more than likely to get a better deal. They'll also be less crowds and a quieter atmosphere so you can really focus on each other.
2. Search the for weekend getaway packages on sites like Travelocity, Hotwire and Priceline which offers cheep Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals. Trust me it's a great resource for 5 start hotels with deep discounts. My cousin recently book a hotel in downtown Dallas TX using Priceline. She said it was a 5 star hotel and the price, $60 a night! She said it was modern, chic, clean as a whistle and right across the street from the mega mall!
3. Stay at a bed & breakfast instead of a hotel. Abba is a great resource and has listings for B&B's all over the country. Again, if you book off season you'll often find the rates to be lower that hotel rates.
4. If you both enjoy the great outdoors and even if you don't, get outside of the box and try something new, a weekend getaway camping trip! A romantic dinner cooked over a campfire and sleeping under the stars may be just what you need to breathe life back into you individually and as a couple!
5. Take it all in right in your hometown. Call your chamber of commerce or convention and visitors bureau and request a visitors guide. Find one place where the two of you have never been. Dine at a restaurant you've never been to before, or have a picnic in a park you've never stopped to enjoy before.
6. If you simply can’t afford a hotel or bed and breakfast out of town or find that even a camping trip will throw you off budget, skip it and stay home. If you have children have them stay with relatives. Lock the door, unplug the phone, never turn on the lights and spend the weekend alone together. Oh and make sure you have your Creations of Love-to-go kit filled with all of the essentials you'll need to have a sexy romantic evening at home. Make sure to have the sparkling cider chilling or whatever you'd like on hand for a private toast to your love. Go ahead and slip into something comfortable, turn on the quiet storm music and simply enjoy! Oh and by the is optional!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Tips...

Romantic colors create a mood in your sanctuary better known as the Master Bedroom. There are several colors which are really quite sexy. A few of my absolute favorites are Red, Blue and purple. These colors create feelings and moods of sensuality and intimacy. They can be quite sexy in your bedroom decorating theme and design. Here’s a lesson in color before you get started transforming your sanctuary into a sexy, romantic oasis. Let’s start with what’s often considered the sexiest color first and work our way down…
The Passion of Red
The color red symbolizes romance, passion and a heightened awareness of one’s sexuality. It’s bold and can dominate the room. I don’t recommend painting the walls completely red, because it can cause the opposite effect which is depression and over aggressive behavior. If you want to use red as the dominant color in your room do it with the use of accents and accessories such brilliant accent pillows and red silk sheets. Even beautiful silk sheer curtains and a nice red glass vase can make a dramatic statement that says, "enter at your own risk!" Be bold and daring, throw in a few animal accents like a zebra, or leopard rug.
Purple Passion
Purple is another color that’s romantic and passionate. Purple is a color that appeals to the senses of both men and women. It’s a color that’s cool and a color which is creative and imaginative. Like red purple can be overwhelming so just accents please. Use splashes of purple like a sexy purple 1000 count 100% Egyptian cotton sheet set, fluffy accent pillows, flowers and candles.
True Blue
Blue is an alternate romantic color. It’s known to symbolize peace, tranquility, trust and reliability. If you think about it all of these words come in to play when you think about romance. Just like red and purple don’t overdo it, simple accents like bed pillows, sheets, and accessories will add warmth to the room.
Okay now that you have learned about the use of color through out, as for your linen, purchase sexy linen fabric like silk, satin and Egyptian cotton. Stay away from busy patterns that distract. Select solid color sheet sets instead, an excellent foundation for your decorating theme.
Note: Always, always add romantic decorating accents. Things like candles, flowers, beautiful unusual decorative glassware and crystal lamps. I love the fancy beautiful night lights that you can find at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They give the room a nice romantic glow! Add a sexy photo of yourself to the night stand; you don’t want to kill the sexy mood while you’re being intimate by rolling over and looking at grandma!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Romantic Date Ideas

Ok it's the weekend and I'm still in the mood for more summertime fun! DH and I are headed up to the lake on Sunday. Lake Lanier is practically in our backyard and we haven't been in months. We both deserve a break from the hustle and bustle of life. We were trying to think of things to do near by and the lake is perfect.

So here's the deal we have a friend that has a boat that pretty much lives in the area. Were going to use it for a little romance of our own. Shhhh...I've got a little something extra planned! I'm going to make sure that I'm looking real cute for DH and, I'm going to pick up all of his favorite things to snack on. Ummm excuse me, no photos please, this is a private affair!!!
So let me ask you have access to a boat? There is nothing like being on the water together, just the two of you. If you live near the water, try a canoe ride at sunset, or rent a paddleboat in your area. Once you are back to shore and if the area permits, start a bonfire, roast some marshmallow, listen to the quiet sounds of nature and just enjoy being alone together.
Summer will be gone before you know it, so get out and enjoy! Make the time to be together and take in all that life has to offer. So much of it is free, like star gazing, all you need is each other and a blanket!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Highland Bakery...

How sweet it is!
Oh me oh my, these cakes are AWESOME!
I've had breakfast and brunch over at the Highland Bakery many times and didn't realize, they have awesome custom and yes, even couture cake designs! Everything from weddings to birthday celebrations! You can provide them with a photo that you'd like for them to design from, or give them your vision verbally and voila, it becomes an edible realty!
A few of my favorites to feast your eyes on.
Ne-Yo's Grammy cake!
The bakery is also featured in the August issue of the esteemed Points North Magazine.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romantic Fun Date Tip!...

Here's the deal, Creations of Love is undergoing many changes. Wow, I can't even begin to tell you that it's a "Wednesday Wisdom Romantic Tip" because you already know it's not Wednesday! OK that was suppose to make you smile, (smile please!) So sorry I didn't get a tip posted yesterday, but do enjoy a tip that's good any day the week!’s sum-sum-summertime; the imagination conjures up beach music, pool parties, barbecues, ice tea and lemonade! Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors, getting hot and sweaty, indulging by the pool and eating ice cream on a cone. What can be more romantic than thinking about the, hot days and torrid, fun-filled nights that only the Summer can bring?
A surprise plan!
You don't always have to get-away or wait until Valentines Day to have a hot steamy, torrid, fun filled night. Or wait until after dark either! Turn up the heat during the week, during the day!
Here's an idea....
One day during the week plan an all day romantic soiree at home together. With school no longer in recess, it's the perfect time if you have children because no babysitter needed! Ok here's a few things you'll need....
Whom ever is doing the planning pick up the following items the night before:
1. Fresh rose petals from your local grocers (always ask for fresh petals from flower arrangements that day!)h

2. Make sure you've got all of your mates favorite breakfast foods, (or try the pancake idea below) and don't forget the ingredients for a morning mimosa to have a toast to your love! My personal fave...Sparkling Cider and OJ with a shot of Cranberry juice. Pancake mix for heart shaped pancakes, (heart shaped baking pans...Big Lots or the Dollar Store) strawberries and powered sugar...oh and don't forget the maple syrup! It's going to be a "sweet" morning!

3. Prepare heart shaped pancakes and sprinkle with strawberries & dust with powdered sugar! Pour up the mimosa's. Sprinkle petals on the breakfast tray, (you do have a breakfast tray...right?...of course you do)!

4. Make sure the curtains and blinds are closed so the sun is simply peeking through.

5. Light the candles and voila...spend quality time reverencing each other!

ATTENTION: The above soiree will not take place until the kids are on the school bus!! If it's just the 2 of you don't forget to take the day off in advance!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Romance and Wedding Planning!

We are honored and thrilled to be asked by Modern Bride Trendsetter Award winners The First Dance, to provide answers to questions about keeping the romance alive during wedding planning, and once married.
Elizabeth Doherty Thomas is a co-founder of The First Dance, along with Marriage and Family therapist father Bill Doherty. The First Dance was a Modern Bride Trendsetter award winner for taking on the complex family dynamics of wedding planning.
Elizabeth and her father have penned a book called, "Take Back Your Wedding: Managing the People Stress of Wedding Planning". The book is chocked full of advice on working through the people stresses of wedding planning as a couple, with your families, and how to strengthen your upcoming marriage through this enormous first task of married life.
To view the Q&A with The First Dance and Creations of Love, visit Click on Keeping the romance alive during wedding planning!
Thanks Elizabeth, we are very excited about being a part of the marriage movement in our own way! Looking forward to working with you and your Dad!

Our Lovely Readers!

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