Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Budget Friendly Romantic Weekend Getaway Tips...

6 Budget Friendly Romantic Weekend Getaway ideas to help keep the spark in your relationship!
1. Choose an off season destination. Area hotels will have lower rates if it's not peak season for travel. You're more than likely to get a better deal. They'll also be less crowds and a quieter atmosphere so you can really focus on each other.
2. Search the for weekend getaway packages on sites like Travelocity, Hotwire and Priceline which offers cheep Flights, Hotels and Car Rentals. Trust me it's a great resource for 5 start hotels with deep discounts. My cousin recently book a hotel in downtown Dallas TX using Priceline. She said it was a 5 star hotel and the price, $60 a night! She said it was modern, chic, clean as a whistle and right across the street from the mega mall!
3. Stay at a bed & breakfast instead of a hotel. Abba is a great resource and has listings for B&B's all over the country. Again, if you book off season you'll often find the rates to be lower that hotel rates.
4. If you both enjoy the great outdoors and even if you don't, get outside of the box and try something new, a weekend getaway camping trip! A romantic dinner cooked over a campfire and sleeping under the stars may be just what you need to breathe life back into you individually and as a couple!
5. Take it all in right in your hometown. Call your chamber of commerce or convention and visitors bureau and request a visitors guide. Find one place where the two of you have never been. Dine at a restaurant you've never been to before, or have a picnic in a park you've never stopped to enjoy before.
6. If you simply can’t afford a hotel or bed and breakfast out of town or find that even a camping trip will throw you off budget, skip it and stay home. If you have children have them stay with relatives. Lock the door, unplug the phone, never turn on the lights and spend the weekend alone together. Oh and make sure you have your Creations of Love-to-go kit filled with all of the essentials you'll need to have a sexy romantic evening at home. Make sure to have the sparkling cider chilling or whatever you'd like on hand for a private toast to your love. Go ahead and slip into something comfortable, turn on the quiet storm music and simply enjoy! Oh and by the way....food is optional!


Embodied Success said...

Just what I was looking for! Getting away from it all does pays up in a relationship. Especially at this time that we are caught up with everything else.

Thanks for the post!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Indeed it does Karinee. These tips really work too. I've tried most of them personally.

See you back here soon!

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