Thursday, August 6, 2009

Romantic Fun Date Tip!...

Here's the deal, Creations of Love is undergoing many changes. Wow, I can't even begin to tell you that it's a "Wednesday Wisdom Romantic Tip" because you already know it's not Wednesday! OK that was suppose to make you smile, (smile please!) So sorry I didn't get a tip posted yesterday, but do enjoy a tip that's good any day the week!’s sum-sum-summertime; the imagination conjures up beach music, pool parties, barbecues, ice tea and lemonade! Summer is a time for enjoying the outdoors, getting hot and sweaty, indulging by the pool and eating ice cream on a cone. What can be more romantic than thinking about the, hot days and torrid, fun-filled nights that only the Summer can bring?
A surprise plan!
You don't always have to get-away or wait until Valentines Day to have a hot steamy, torrid, fun filled night. Or wait until after dark either! Turn up the heat during the week, during the day!
Here's an idea....
One day during the week plan an all day romantic soiree at home together. With school no longer in recess, it's the perfect time if you have children because no babysitter needed! Ok here's a few things you'll need....
Whom ever is doing the planning pick up the following items the night before:
1. Fresh rose petals from your local grocers (always ask for fresh petals from flower arrangements that day!)h

2. Make sure you've got all of your mates favorite breakfast foods, (or try the pancake idea below) and don't forget the ingredients for a morning mimosa to have a toast to your love! My personal fave...Sparkling Cider and OJ with a shot of Cranberry juice. Pancake mix for heart shaped pancakes, (heart shaped baking pans...Big Lots or the Dollar Store) strawberries and powered sugar...oh and don't forget the maple syrup! It's going to be a "sweet" morning!

3. Prepare heart shaped pancakes and sprinkle with strawberries & dust with powdered sugar! Pour up the mimosa's. Sprinkle petals on the breakfast tray, (you do have a breakfast tray...right?...of course you do)!

4. Make sure the curtains and blinds are closed so the sun is simply peeking through.

5. Light the candles and voila...spend quality time reverencing each other!

ATTENTION: The above soiree will not take place until the kids are on the school bus!! If it's just the 2 of you don't forget to take the day off in advance!!

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EmbodiedSuccess said...

I'm telling you! The busy lifestyle, especially in the city can drive you crazy and forget about those little details!...Thanks!

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