Monday, August 24, 2009

Communicating about Sex!

Start by talking. You’d be surprised by how many couples spend hours discussing everything from finances to who's picking up the kids from school this week, but don’t ever communicate when it comes to sex.
Husbands often suffer from MES (Male Ego Syndrome) and want to prove to themselves that they can satisfy their wives in bed. Women often suffer from what I call FFS (Female Fear Syndrome) and have fear to be open and honest about their needs. They worry that the husband may feel inadequate if they open up. It's only natural for women to worry, based on a woman's natural nurturing tendencies to consider her man's needs more so than her own. Sometimes as a result of both behaviors you get MES + FFS = JFI (Just Fake It)!
So be honest if you’re craving of anything at all! Trust me you'll be a lot happier all the way around and create an openness with each other that will lead to greater more satisfying intimacy. For both partners you'll be surprised at how happy the other is to oblige.


Anonymous said...


Embodied Success said...

It's so true! Now a days so many marriages break up because of lack of communication, especially romance and sex! Excellent post and Great Remainder!!

Michelle said...

Mary - so concise yet so true. I know I have held back in past as I didn't want to "offend" the MES!

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