Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ladies are you ready for some Football??.......

6 Tips for Women on how to Survive Football Season......
Let's face it ALL men are NOT football lovers. If your man is not, I'm sure he has some other fetish. If he is a football lover, here are a few tips to help get you through the season.
As you probably know by now the season ushers in the fall and moves through the winter. Experience the magic of falling in love all over again in fall! What better time to rekindle the flames, than the season synonymous with change. Ladies if you think of the football season as a season of love, trust me your going to have a ball.

1. Take "me" out of the equation and adopt the “It's all about you babe" philosophy. The sooner you realize that there's no way that your going to come between your man and football season, the more attractive this approach becomes. Basically it's what can I do for you, I want to cater to you. Look for tasty dishes that you've never prepared before that you know he's going to love, RecipeZaar has over 2,265 to choose from. I am sure you'll find some really good dishes to prepare that will show him that you've gone all out for him. On game day get everything ready that's going to make him comfortable. Don't forget it's not about you initially. Trust me, once the season is over in February, the man will remember the times you catered to him. When you choose to have girls night in watching whatever show is “in” at that time, the favor will be returned, and he will be eager to do so. You can also redeem points scored in other ways. Be creative because you have set yourself up for a win/win here!
2. Sit right down next to your man and plant a big one on him during commercial breaks. This way he will have double the fun and so will you. Just make sure when the game comes back on that you respect his desire not to be interrupted - 9 times out of 10 he's not listening to you anyway.
3. Do not make plans for after 10:00 church service. You already know where his mind is. Spare yourself an argument or the unpleasant stare down, don't even think about it - DVR is just not the same.
4. Try to learn the game NOW before the season progresses so you can talk the talk with him. Ask him questions and show a genuine interest in the game. Trust me, he will be turned on by your actions rather than turned off by negative behavior like complaining that he never spends time with you. Sunday is your only day to be together because you both work. Skip the winning it won't work for diehard football gridiron lovers.
5. Take the initiative to plan a get together with a few of his close friends. Make it a surprise and have them bring an h'orderve so all of the work isn't on you. Flirt with him the entire time and watch the sparks fly. Plan the party when you know his favorite team is playing. Pick up decorations at your local party store to make it even more fun for him and your guest.
6. Finally if you don't think it's worth it (remember it's not about you) do something for yourself like go to the mall, or visit your family. Get caught up on the books that you've been meaning to read. Whatever you do just remember that it's not the end of the world and it's more of a turn on for him if you exercise you independence. Most of all remember it's just a season....not a lifetime!

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