Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...A Romantic Tip!

Whoa! I can't believe it's Wednesday already! Been absolutely buried in work and creativity. I'm very excited about what's ahead for me and this company that I love! I fall in love with what I do over and over again.s
Speaking of over and over again, how's your love life going? Are you taking good care of one of the most important things in your relationship? It's not just about the sex and oh you get nothing but hugs and handshakes from me if it's going great. But let's not forget it can be awesome when you remember the ROMANCE!
Romance is often lost in our busy routines. There is a difference between sex and romance but they are the perfect blend when used together. Romance is often defined as an adventure, like the excitement of a new relationship. As for sex, well I don't have to tell you what it is, you can define the art for yourself. Then there's the whole making love versus sex conversation. A subject for another post all together!
Nurture the romance in your life for better love making and so that both of you don't have to go out looking for someone NEW. Someone just for the excitement that new relationships can often bring, and people often get hurt unnecessarily.
A few tips that will keep the sparks flying! If you're already doing these things bravo, if not give them a try and most of all have fun!
The next time you take a shower, wear just the towel around for a while. Titillation will spur your mate to be more spontaneous. You can build up tension during the day with suggestive emails and phone messages, so that he or she is raring to go at night. To explore new territory, write down your fantasies and put them in a “fantasy jar.” Then take turns picking out of the jar and act out the fantasies. This can build romance, intimacy, trust—and great sex.


Dr. Taffy said...

Great post and so true. This is part of the fun of being married.
Dr. Taffy

Melissa said...

Great points! I especially love this line: "Nurture the romance in your life..." -- so many of us all too often forget to do just that.

Michelle said...

Love the fantasy jar idea...of course, I am reading this when I am on the high of a new relationship but I am all too familiar with the pain and loss that one experiences when things become too routine and familiar.

Though not married, I am a hopeful romantic and enjoyed reading this post.

Your Friend in WI with her BF in RI!

NaturalCounselor said...

Thank you for reminding all of us that if we want a romance in our lives, we need to take some actions ourselves:-) This is exactly what I always tell my clients.
Have a fabulous weekend, Mary.
Breathe, smile and be happy, Irina Wardas.

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Greetings everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments! This is by all means my favorite subject; ROMANCE!

If we don't nurture the romance and intimacy in our relationship, it's almost gauranteed to fail!

Our Lovely Readers!

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