Monday, June 29, 2009

Atlanta Gift Mart

I love the AmericasMart Atlanta Gift Mart! Look what just popped in my inbox. I'll definitely mosey on down to the Mart and check out this Faith based candle company.
Candles play such a huge role in creating ambiance. Most of the time when we think of ambiance it's in a romantic setting, but a lot of people burn candles everyday. There's something about the flickering of the flame, ambiance and tranquility that they bring!
I love shopping for candles for my customer's! I always look for colors and fragrance that enhances the look and feel of the design while enticing the senses. The free Haagen Dazs ice cream will certainly enhance my shopping experience, considering the heat wave that's going on in Atlanta right now!
Happy shopping to me!!


Vickie said...

Sorry, I missed this event and the free sample of Haagen Dazs (my favorite ice cream).

Please continue to keep us posted on events like this.

Thank You!

Ryan said...

I also love shopping, basically the material made up of crystal like Waterford Crystal Chandeliers because these types of gift looks awesome and attract everyone with their dazzling appearance.

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