Friday, July 3, 2009

Coupons That Never Expire.....

You know how we're always talking about leaving romantic notes around the house, in a briefcase, or on the windshield of the car? Well check these out...FRIDAYS FAB FIND!

Love coupons and love notes for when you run out of words, or can't quite find the right words to say. A great price too only $9.95! To get yours visit,


NJ Stevenson said...

lovin It! Nice, Romantic and simple. A great customizable idea for the busy schedule.Thanks Mary for being your 'creative' self.

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Hey Lady! I heart these too! The time does come when we run out of words to say.

Thank you for the lovely compliment!

I appreciate you for taking the time to lv me your thoughts!

See ya in Twitterville!

Anonymous said...


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