Sunday, May 17, 2009

Romantic Decorating Tips For Your Home....

Last week I was interviewed by a writer that's writing an article on Romantic Decorating. At first when we started talking, I thought she wanted to know about the rose petal trails, candlelight trails, body butter and massage oils. I was right, but she also wanted tips as they relate to romantic interior design and the importance of having a romantic bedroom. What you're trying to achieve when doing so, and tips on decorating a romantic bedroom and different ways you can go about transforming a room.
We discussed a few other things about our couples and how they react to our services. I'll share the article once it's released, I'm curious myself as to how it turns out. Try these easy tips to add a little romantic flare to your bedroom and dining room.
The Dining Room......
A romantic dinner for 2? Start with fresh flowers and romantic table settings. Use the reflective power of mirrors and don't forget the candles, lot's of candles!
The Bedroom......
1. Flowers speak "love"! Use bundles of flowers in pretty vases that are overflowing with blooms. Sexy, romantic prints on the walls and fabrics on the bed that envelope the body. For the walls and windows, use soothing colors or bright colors that suit your fancy and fabrics that are rich in texture.
2. Create a romantic bedside table with memories and flowers. Use a pretty tableskirt and a crystal lamp, glass globes, and frames that hold treasured memories of your loved ones, like that sexy boudoir photo, for an instant reminder of such a passionate gift.
Bonus Tip......
Breakfast in Bed - Serving breakfast in bed is really romantic! It's nice to serve it up on the clean crisps color (or lack of color) white! It will make the fresh fruit, croissants, jam, and coffee pop and provide a touch of class! Your sweetie will be impressed!
Anyone that knows me personally, knows that I love decorating, design and interiors. Whether it's for the romantically challenged or for someone without an eye for design! It's my passion, I'm here to help!


Anonymous said...

I love all of these tips. THere simple and easy to do and yet cost effective. Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

Great Tips! I love these because there DIY! So pretty!

Sheila said...

I do staging and I can tell you that you are on point with these tips. They're cost effective and interchangable. For can change out the photos, flowers and pillow colors at anytime. The table linen color or even the window treatments, candle holders etc.

Love it!

Zoana Fisher said...

Thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful tips.
Impressive and interesting tips given by you.
Good Day

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