Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pony Express........

Ladies when you're going out on a romantic date think about dressing from head to toe. While out on a date there will be a lot of eye contact. You want your tresses to make a statement, 'Romance' and his eyes only on you!
More often than not, wedding hairstyles are a good place to look when your thinking of a style, since the magic of a wedding is usually so romantic. Change up from your regular style for the date. Be creative and throw something new at him! You don't want to be boring with the same ole same ole. He'll appreciate the effort to impress him and you'll feel good too! Check out these sexy styles, all stemming from a pony tail.

(FYI: Next week, sexy short hairstyles!)
Photos provided by: Fernando Milani, Matthew Jordan Smith and Kristan Serafino


Emily said...

These are really great styles. Just in time for summer. I love to change up my hairstyles. These are easy to do and I do have long hair. You can add hair even if you don't have long hair to acheive thses looks.

Anonymous said...

These hairstyles are perfect for any occasion! Thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

I like the side ponytail! I think it makes you look younger!

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