Friday, May 8, 2009


Have your cake but don't eat it!

Ok ladies and gents that visit often, you know how much I love flowers. For all of my first time visitors, "I love Flowers"!!! One of my favorite places online with the most innovative flower designs, 1800flowers of course! While browsing the site looking for an arrangement to send my out of state Aunt, who's 97 years old by the way, I found these adorable designs. They will surely bring a smile and warm a heart upon receipt and no crumbs or calories to clean up after! I'm sure you agree, all of these cuties are a great FIND for any occasion!
Anyone of these are perfect for igniting a little romance too! Be creative, imagine sending the cupcake arrangement with a note...."A cupcake for my cupcake"
Final Note: I sent my Aunt a beautiful bouquet, not seen here!


Thomas said...

These are great,I am so into 1800flowers now. After following you blog over the last 7 months I found them to be fabulous. I never used them as much as I do now. They do have innovative designs.

Tyrika - mainelement: love said...

These are beautiful! My mom and my best friend sent me identical birthday cake flowers on my birthday this year, I had never seen that kind of arrangement before. Seeing these, I'm completely blown away :-)

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