Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...A Romantic Tip!

Since today's officially declared "Earth Day", thought it would be fun to share 6 romantic date tips to help you celebrate the day, and get a little romance in while your at it!
Romance is everywhere, it's one of the hottest topics right now! Everywhere you turn from talk shows to wedding themes, people are getting back to basics and remembering that romance is a necessity and not a luxury. A vital aspect to any relationship, people are talking romance, from financial counselors to relationships experts, even on the fashion run-ways! All the more reason why I love what I do, I know it's changing lives and transforming relationships!
Since I'm a "Hopeful Romantic" here's to hoping that you find these suggestions useful! Let me know which one you decide on! Maybe you can get all of them in throughout the rest of the month for a little variety and added enjoyment!
1. Plant a tree together to symbolize your love for one another. Give it a pet name and watch it grow!
2. Shop for some organic goodies together at your local market or Whole Foods store.
Bonus Tip: Pack a picnic basket with the goodies you purchase and have a romantic picnic at your favorite park!
3. Visit a recycling center to learn more about it. That way if you've been on the fence about doing it, you can find out why it's so important!
4. (My favorite!) Turn off ALL of the lights and ALL of the electronic devices tonight or any night and light some candles! You'll be surprised at how your voice will soon become a whisper and you'll simply enjoy the quiet!
5. Visit your local Starbucks for a cause and have a coffee or tea date while your at it! Click here to learn more about Starbucks Shared Planet initiative!
6. Catch a Sunset together tonight or any night for that matter! Walk to an area near you for a good view, or catch it from your backyard, terrace, deck or balcony. Just relax and breathe, no talking necessary!
Let's all remember to take care of the Earth everyday!!!


Adam said...

They ALL sound like fun! Now let's see...hmmmm! Maybe I will try ALL of them!

Anonymous said...

I love Whole Foods! i've got to figre out how to get hubby to love it!!

Rebecca said...

I love this time of year because it get's dark later into the night so we can definately have time to get home from work and catch a sunset. Great idea and something that we haven't done for years!

David said...

Ahhh green dating tips! I never even though about it that way. i'm just getting into the whole green thing.


Livin' Louisiana! said...

I love the, "turn out the lights/electronics" idea. Makes me relax just thinking about it!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by I'm glad you like the tips! I'm really going to take the time to try all of these this month. I've already taken in the Sunset tonight!

Sally Lee Candles said...

Dear Mary:

What wonderful ideas for keeping the romance alive. I love how you combined romance with such an important topic, the environment.

Well done!


disa said...


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