Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tomorrow...Where reality ends...obsession begins!

I was in town today for a site visit of a newly renovated historical hotel that's now a boutique hotel. As soon as the pics arrive, I'll share them with you. While I was in town I was invited to a private preview screening of OBSESSED at Regal Atlantic Station! s
The movies national release is tomorrow! Let me tell all the men out there that ever even thought about cheating on your wife, think again. This movie is a 2oth century version of the movie "Fatal Attraction" with Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. There is one exception, Idris'll just have to see for yourself, I'm not one to give away the story!
Grab your spouse and make it a date night. After the movie go have a cup of coffee and discuss the movie and tell each other how committed you are to one another. Mean it and show it everyday not only with words, but with your actions as well.
With infidelity being one of the number one causes for divorce, seeing this movie will make you think long and hard about getting involved with someone outside of your marriage. You just never know what your getting yourself into. It can easily start with simply the way that you look at someone!


Chastity said...

My husband and I are headed out now. Dinner and a movie! We've been waiting for the release. Your post reminded us of the date!


P.s. Be back to let you know our thoughts!

Mike & Pam said...

We're going to check it out this afternoon. We have to go early, it's easier to get a babysitter early! Breakfast and a movie. We'll discuss it later tonight after we put the kids to bed!

We love your blog it's so warm and friendly and the tips are great too!

Anonymous said...

Saw it today! Wow he didn't even sleep with her like Mike Douglas did with Glenn Close. The girl was a nut case to say the least!! Pretty good movie though.

DL said...

Fantastic Thriller! It did spark conversation afterwards. I disagreed with Beyonce throwing him out of the house

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Ok now I can say it Idris didn't even sleep with the sicko! Michael Douglas did in Fatal Attraction. A big difference and yet the same fatal outcome!

Thanks everybody for sharing your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

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