Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...A Romantic Tip!

We recently reached out to our previous customers and ask them to submit their favorite romantic tip. Here's one that's not only fun but an old school tip turned new school!
"Our romantic tip is drive-in movies. Although everyone might not be able to take advantage of this because drive-ins are not as popular anymore. But my wife and I like to pack food and bring our lawn chairs with us to the drive-in when the weather is nice and if you can go during the week and avoid the bigger crowds than that's even better."z
"A bottle of wine, some good food, nice weather, a good movie at the drive-in makes for a really nice romantic date!"


Anonymous said...

Ahh the Starlight Drive-In! Such fond memories. Time to create some new ones.

Thanks for reminding me.

Amy said...

I'm a fan! I love the drive-in!

Jeremiah said...

If it doens't rain we are headed over to the drive-in this weekend! Kids and all. So nothing romantic unless we can sneak in a kiss or 2 once they fall asleep!

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