Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Romantic, Fluttery, Fanciful, Whimsical Dresses

I see color....Lot's of color!!!
It's Spring and bright, bold, passionate color is in! Wedding season is upon us, Mother's Day and Father's Day are fast approaching and Summer is just around the corner! With so many outdoor celebrations from weddings, graduations, luncheons and bridal showers, I couldn't resist posting these cool yet colorful short dresses that can double for so many occasions!
From coast to coast we all know that an outdoor wedding can leave you feeling like you want to stick your head in an ice chest just to cool off from the summer heat! Ladies....start by picking a cool dress whether it's for a bridesmaids or a swanky outdoor function either one of these dresses will do! All of these dresses are off the rack at Nordstrom. Happy Shopping!


Mrs. Stilettos said...

Oh these are just adorable!! Love them!! I don't think you and I should go shopping together anytime soon!! We could do some damage girlfriend!!

Renee said...

I've got a summer wedding to attend and I'm going to order one of these dresses to wear. The problem is which one!! They are all adorable! Thanks for saving me some time.

Denise said...

ok, I'll take one of each! Perfect for every occasion!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Oh yes we could do some serious damage girlfriend! Thanks for stopping by!

Traci said...

The colors of these dresses reminds me of a bowl of jelly beans! Just in time for Easter!

Anonymous said...

These dresses are so adorable and romantic! Like you said, for any summer occasion. I can't wait to come back and see what's next!

Chastity said...

I love the colors and the dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

Katherine said...

How wonderful selection of those Nordstrom dresses!! Those different colors of dresses are best for summer spring time!!

Anonymous said...

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