Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Creations of Love on hitched!

One day I was on Twitter tweeting about an upcoming decorating job and hitchmedia was struck by the concept of an event we're planning for a customer. We had an interesting exchange about it and the next thing I knew, he was reaching out and showing me some love! I was touched by his words....."You've inspired me to write about your company for today's post!"
Thanks hitchedmag Ezine for another honorable mention, this time on your "Everything Marriage Blog" on March 26! Click here for the full mention! This is our second appearance, the first time we were announcing our Create-it-Yourself Kits. You can visit our website and click on News for the link to that article!
I Can't say enough about hitched here, but I will say this; The Ezine is informative and has topics on just about everything as it relates to marriage. Scoot on over and see for yourself, take a cup of your fav with you and be enlightened!


Anonymous said...

Great resource!

Janet said...

I found the hitch site to be infromative and up to date. I will visit them often. Thanks for sharing!

James said...

I love this site! i bookmarked it!

Debbie said...

The site is informative! Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

They did a nice job blogging about Creations of Love!

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