Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...A Romantic Tip!

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The magic attraction of listening! One of the most enticing things we can do; Listen with all of our heart. All too often we’re preoccupied with other thoughts, watching TV, what’s going on in the room around us, or wondering what we’re going to say next. It’s a turn-off when we notice someone isn’t listening.
When someone gives you their undivided attention, it makes you feel special. It feels good when someone shows genuine interest in you and makes you feel like you matter. That person becomes even more attractive which leads to better romantic life!


Taffy said...

It makes you feel special that you have that undivided attention. Those times of getting into deep conversation and talking for hours. Would not pass up those times for anything.

Anonymous said...

I tell my husband this often and he just doesn't seem to get it! I'm going to show him this post, maybe he'll see that I'm not alone.

Anonymous said...

This tip is a good tip for anyone. Being a good listener is a gift!

Diane said...

This is the best tip so far! It really annoys me when my husband isn't really listening to me and you can usually tell.

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