Sunday, March 8, 2009

Romantic Gift Wrapping Ideas.....

I love creating my own beauty, that's what gift wrapping is about to me! It's taking a little of this and a little of that and making the 'gift' more intriguing because of the gift wrapping.
We recently received our first request to wrap a few gifts for a corporate executive that says he has two left hands when it comes to gift wrapping. He bought a couple of gifts for his wife while traveling abroad. He was telling a friend about the gifts, it just so happens that I know the guy and he told him about me. My first thought, this is a small world!
When I spoke with him I ask, "what's the occasion?", my kind of man...he bought the gifts for her 'just because', my absolute favorite reason to give or receive a gift!
I decided to order hand made products, like the paper featured here. Both 100% recycled cotton fiber made in India. The wired edge taffeta picot ribbon made in France is featured as couture ribbon. The lavender posy paper has an embossed surface and the wrinkle resistant Midori ribbon is a shimmering translucent organdy ribbon that's 100% nylon. Next up....the finishing touches....jewels and broaches to adorn! Another "Creation of Love"!

Not sure which one of these I'll use and I've also ordered other items like coordinating paper to mix and match. I'm really excited about it because we launched this service towards the end of the year really just for fun. Who knows maybe it will catch on like wildfire! We'll need elves for the gift wrapping, while the cupids gear up for wedding season, romanticizing honeymoon suites and decorating for all of the other lifecycle reasons to celebrate LOVE!


Jennifer said...

Beautiful paper!

Anonymous said...

Love how colorful this paper is! I may use your gift wrapping services at Christmas time. I am terrible at wrapping gifts and I always wait until the last minute becuase of it.

Alpharetta, GA

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