Friday, November 21, 2008

A Romantic Dinner for 2 from Creations of Love, Inspired by the Colors of Love!

We do more than design suites and master bedrooms. This was a request for a quiet dinner with after dinner horderves. The planner Bobbie pictured here, had plans for a very long evening. With her fiance' heading back to the Caribbean the next day, she wanted to send him off with fond memories of time well spent together. Bobbie has exquisite taste and new exactly want she wanted. Cornish hens, roasted vegetables, a wonderful salad and her favorite dinner rolls. She ask us to pick up a new set of "Waterford" crystal champagne flutes and candle holders for the table and she wanted the matching vase for the fresh flowers that she described. She also wanted for us to block out the early evening sunlight from her well lite 13Th floor high rise condo in downtown Atlanta. We used raw black silk material for a dramatic effect. Oh...I almost forgot she topped it off with a bottle of her favorite bubbly, Dom Pérignon Œnothèque) for a private toast! We did everything, all she did was wait for him to arrive!! We don't have pictures after that, because we were gone by the time he arrived--our usual "mo"!!
Photo Credits: The CL Elf

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