Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Luxury Chocolates? Chocolate Meets Couture!

Dr. Taffy Wagner, President and CEO of Money Talk Matters, sent me a personal note suggesting these beautiful chocolates. Talk about eye candy, these gorgeous chocolates are made by a company out of Chicago called Chocolatines and seem perfect in our romantic settings. They also can add a touch of class while entertaining and would make the perfect wedding favor. We will try them out on our couples and let them tell us what they think. We are excited that our "love chocolates" are on the way!
A few that caught my eye.....
Of course the Diamond Collection that comes in 3 different flavors and looks. The Diamonds are edible, and are like hard rock candy.
White Gold Diamond Collection with a Champagne ganache
24k Gold Diamond Collection with a malt Scotch ganachef
Rose Gold Diamond Collection with a Grand Marnier ganache
There are three price points for the Diamond Collection ranging from $25 to $95

The Pair of Hearts Collection (2pc) is $7.......White chocolate with Passion Fruit

The Mr & Mrs Pair of Hearts (4pc) is $12.......Colombian & Raspberry Mandarin & Caramel Swirl

Sound Yummy? Check back to find out the results of our taste test!

Our Lovely Readers!

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