Monday, July 27, 2009

Eco Home Show Pictures

We received a private invitation to attend a party at the Eco-Home Show on Friday night, (See original post here.) Seeing the home up close and personal was far better than just seeing the photos that were forwarded to me!
The brick pavers in the driveway are such a nice touch that adds to the beauty outside!

One thing that you can't see in this pic, the center island has a small fireplace tucked away that doubles as a small water scape which pops up with a touch of a button. Simply fabulous!

The living spaces are beautifully decorated right down to the design on the walls in the dining room (really can't be seen here) and matching design in the draperies! Both designed by the oh so talented Kathy Ireland.

Kathy and I are following each other on Twitter. We've made a promise to share future design ideas The beautiful glass accents featured in the chandelier are hand made using recycled bottle glass. The designer, the ever so talented Kathleen Plate from Smart Glass

Oh and the mural on the wall behind my DH and I, it's an original design and part of an endangered species series. Up next the endangered (due to global warming), Icecap Polar Bear.

Recycled wallpaper used to create this beautiful silk like pattern in the downstairs guest bath. Love the sink too! dff

A tree log from a River Birch used for a shower curtain. Creative and stunning in person!

The house is 7600 Sq feet with unfinished natural hardwood floors as seen here in one of the children's bedrooms. The tress that produced the wood used for the floors throughout, was at the bottom of the Chattahoochee River for years. A really astonishing notion, least to me anyway!

A recycled fireplace used as a headboard in one of the guest rooms!

We had a ball meeting new people, (we may have even picked up a new client or 2!) laughing, talking, munching and taking lots of pics for future ideas when building our dream home on a hill over looking the ocean! Not sure what ocean yet but we're working on narrowing our search!

There are romantic aspects of the home that are so comfy and cozy! Okay, I'll have to share more pics later! Too many for one post! Oh by the way...if your here in the Atlanta area, there's still time to go check it out for yourself and pick up a few eco design tips. It's open to the public through August 9th. Click here for hours, directions and professional pics!


Patricia said...

Definately going to drop by this weekend. Hubby and I are looking in that area!

Thanks for sharing can't wait for the weekend. Looks beautiful!

sallyleecandles said...

Oh my goodness - this home is absolutley gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your eco-adventure with us!


Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Greetings Ladies! I am still dreaming about this beauty! My goal is to become totally eco efficient within 2 yrs.

Thanks for your comments!

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