Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday...Wisdom...A Relationship Tip

Today's post comes with a lot of thought, research and hopefully your feedback on this topic. I recently read an article about how financial woes are the new "Aphrodisiac" and I want to share my thoughts with you about this concept. Well honestly, I couldn't disagree more with this concept. I am not and never will be a supporter of what is being referred to as, "Transactional Love" which celebrates material assets over the person who earned them.
The article went on to say that love as a transaction dates back to when “I’ve got cattle” was followed by “What can you trade in exchange?” In other words I'll cook for you if you buy me a new pair of shoes and that’s the clean example. Sounds more like a swap meet to me! It also sounds like bartering. The problem is what will you do when you run out of "things" to swap!
A real life scenario of "Transactional Love" within a marriage is, when one remains in misery in a dead relationship just for the financial fringe benefits. Better known as exchanging body parts for money! I wonder if these types have tried everything possible to revive the marriage. Money without love is a dangerous mix, nothing but heartache and pain.
We as humans were made for love and the absence of it can lead to sickness. I've heard women say, “I want a man with lots of money and that's all I need.” Furthermore they would be content and feel secure. Well I can tell you from personal experience that's not true at least not for me.
A loving marriage is comprised of a constant flow of sharing worldly goods, and the two of you are in sync together. You're so in love with each other, the declarations come in joy, tears, fears, and yes even the anx associated with an economic crisis. There is a higher percentage of people that would admit after going through the financial fire together; their former taste for worldly material goods has been traded in for mature spending and an even greater love for one another. Not simply settling in to a dead end.
Those that trade-in love for money, will grieve in the long haul and begin looking for love. It's naturally human and a part of our make-up. Could that be the reason why Kendra left Hugh Hefner for a one on one relationship that's based on love and not money?


Serita said...

Sometime when people are hurt in love they resort to marrying for money the second time around. I agree that it may not be good but it's real.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you on this!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

It can be difficult enough to marry for love and whoa for money...such a bad idea!

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