Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...A Romantic Tip!

There's a restaurant in Canada called O.NOIR opening a 2nd location in Toronto--the opening is on June 24, 2009. O.NOIR is a restaurant where guest dine in complete darkness, it's already a hit in Montreal! The restaurant owner like many other people, believe that your senses are heightened and food apparently tastes better!
I also heard that eating while wearing a blindfold or dining in the dark, is already a craze in Europe, Australia, L.A. and New York, which brings me to doing this as a date idea wherever you are...
A Fun Inexpensive Date Idea: A Blindfolded Dinner!
Prepare or pick up your favorite meal for each other. Make sure you don't share what the meal consist of. It really should be something that would tickle your taste buds (so no Wendy's!). Pick up a couple of blindfolds or use silk scarves.
Put the blindfolds on, exchange meals, start eating! I can tell you that it's so much fun because I tried it with my DH! We got the thrill of eating without seeing anything, and it was really fun to guess what we were eating!
It's a sensual experience that sparks the element of romance to the evening! Just another way to get out of the box! You won't be disappointed!


Robin Marie said...

This sounds like fun! It would take a bit of trust too. I would hate to find out I just ate crawdads. LOL

Serita said...

Oh I love this idea! It's inexpensive and sounds like a lot of fun.

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Hey Robin,

Wow if your in a loving relationship your loved one should not feed you crawdads! (lol)

Instead, something yummie for your tummy!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thought on this idea!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Hi Serita,

My DH and I tried it and it was fun, sexy and it did create an element of trust and intrigue! We laughed about it afterwards and again after the romance!!!

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