Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Romantic Tips for Your Relationship

Igniting Intimacy in Your Relationship
The very first thing couples need to remember is that couples need quality time together. Start with setting aside time for each other that's just about the two of you. If you have children and your child is an infant and you are not comfortable with leaving the child with a sitter or even family members; make plans for a romantic evening at home. In other words have your date night out, in!
Once the baby is down for the night, light some candles, turn the music down low and share a nice dinner. You can either order in or prepare a nice meal together. Pick up your favorite movie early in the day or on your way home, or find a good movie on cable and watch a movie or just talk after dinner. Don’t make the conversation be about work, bills, household chores or the children. Leave the dishes, and focus on the two of you alone. Turn off all of the electronic devices including the home phone. You don't want to have any distractions. Don't even answer the door! Whoever it is should have called first anyway, (before you turned off the phone!)
If you have older children arrange for them to spend the night with family members or perhaps spending the night with friends that you trust. A Friday or Saturday night will do. Then you can plan a romantic night out, or if you're on a tight budget, keep it simple and plan for a night in! Again, candles, dinner and perhaps a sexy romantic game like twister! Steal a kiss while the game is in play! One of my clients confessed that, “Every once in a while my wife will surprise me with the best possible gift: an at-home sex date. She’ll whisper, ‘The kids are staying at the baby-sitter’s overnight,’ and I’ll know exactly what our plans are that evening.”
The most important thing to re-igniting romance in your relationship is to remember you love this person and you still want to do things to impress them. Their smile is one of the things that you'll want to work for. Pick up a single rose or carnation or a box of their favorite candies or even a blank card, sign it "I love you, Me." Be thoughtful, creative and most of all, remember to be in love with each other the same way and with even more passion than when you were dating!
Put your best foot forward to keep the romance alive and well within your marriage!


Anonymous said...

This is a great tip and certainly more people must realize that! For me it hits home becuase of my recent divorce. The next time around I will make sure that I adhere to this principle!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Thanks for leaving your thoughts here! This is a really challenging part of any relationship! Making time for one another, yet it's oh so important! At least now and for the next time you got it!

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