Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Talk Radio.....

I had a blast today on air with the dynamic Vernon Harleston from the Blog Talk Radio show, "The High Road" and the powerful, passionate Dr. Taffy Wagner from Money Talk Matters. d
Dr. Taffy and I did not talk prior to going on the show. We both agreed that it would be best, to just let the conversation flow naturally. Just let our passion for what we do and what we believe come across in the message.
The interview was awesome and the response from the callers and listeners was great! They were so thankful for the show topic and started commenting and calling in early on in the show.
We we're having so much fun, the time went by so fast and we ran out of time! Vernon invited us back on the show, to continue the conversation.


Click Here, to listen to the interview!


Steve said...

I listen to the show, the advice and information that you both gave were will taken.

Thanks and continue the good work.

Rebecca said...

It seems like you all were having a good time! I took good notes. Looking forward to the next show!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Hey there that was only the beginning. Tune in again for more Love & Money on August 15th with The High Road on Blog Talk Radio!

Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the show!

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