Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vendor Spotlight...mainelement: Love


mainelement: love - handmade, customizable bath and body products designed for gifting others with the element of Love
About mainelement: love – Here you have a company born of people’s desire to feel great about what and how they gift those they care about: their friends, their family, even their clients and prospects. What sets mainelement: love apart is the personal touch you are able to display with each gift. People love nothing more than to know that they are being thought of. Each and every item is mixed and packaged by hand upon order. Elements are carefully selected to ensure that what you are giving is good for the body, and in turn good for the mind and spirit. mainelement: love's ultimate goal is to provide quality favors and gifts that you and your guests will love: love to give, love to receive, and love to use again and again.
About the CEO (Chief Element Officer): Tyrika SwailsTyrika is the mother of an energetic young son and engaged to a wonderful man. She is a woman who wears many hats, striving to be a good influence in her roles as mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend by keeping an open, positive, optimistic outlook on life.
Products and Services:

le’amour body = ♥ body wash ♥ body butter ♥ body scrub ♥ moisturizing milk bath ♥ satin salts ♥ bubbling salts
pampering pedi = pedibutterpediscrubpedisoak
custom scents = ♥ custom designed scent based on your personal taste, to be used exclusively by you and you alone
A word from Tyrika:
f d
mainelement: love allows me to give from the heart something that everyone wants and needs: LOVE!” - Tyrika Swails – Chief Element Officer
Click here to visit the mainelementlove website or call direct (832)567-1957
Tyrika...we've got something in common.....love begets love!


Brandi Starr said...

I'm down to the last of my mango berry body butter by mainelement: love... great stuff!

Regina said...

Wow it seems like these this compnay and CL are perfect for each other. Intersting, I need to check out both products !

Cindy said...

I agree with Regina, this does seem like a good business match. Ever thought about having a joint "product party"????

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