Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Outdoor Romantic Decorating Tip....

Now that spring is in full swing, why not set the mood for romance outdoors. There's nothing like the glow of candles at night. There's something alluring about wide open spaces! Plan a little outdoor Soiree, get started with candles.
I'm helping a friend plan a little outdoor romance as a surprise for her fiance! When I saw these unique, inexpensive, pretty, chic, candle holders I had to share them with you!
The Branches Votive Candle Holder, by Two's Company ($65.00), and the Set of 3 Torch Tea Lights ($35.00), can be purchased at BURKEDECOR.com
The White Floating Blossom Lights come in a set of 6 perfect for a pool, or place them around the patio ($42.99). The Wrought Iron balls come in a set of 2 ($29.00). Both beauties are courtesy of Wal-Mart! Indeed, Wal-Mart!


Marie said...

I really like the one with the branches! Beautiful. I am going to get some.

I wish I could find some hanging ones that are breeze proof. Any ideas?

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Hi Marie, I found some and I'll share them in a few! Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure to read your comments!

Anonymous said...

Actually Marie, the iron ball holders have glass, so there wind proof.

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