Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...Romantic Tips!

Ok here's the deal -- in the beginning, it's flowers, intimate dinners for two, looking sexy, sexy lingerie, breakfast in bed, romantic meeting places, romantic looks and lot's of kissing! Once the dust settles on the courtship of a marriage, it's CNN Sports, fast food, sweatpants, manfriends, girlfriends, girl power, sleeping in, big underwear and silk scarves. But it doesn't have to be that way, and it doesn't have to take much to keep your romance alive. Check out what I call, "Four Forever Romance" four key habits to keeping the romance going for years to come!
Plan Romantic Dates and put them on the family calendar, if you don't have one start one. With your busy schedules, working, taking care of kids, and settling into a routine can lead to the lack of a romantic life with your partner. If you're not careful, the flame can blow out for good and lead to a total breakdown of the marriage. Things like children and work are with out a doubt aspects of the marriage, that are essential to take care of. It's also essential to take care of your relationship too. Making time for one another, setting date nights for just the two of you, a weekend to get away by yourselves, and even just taking the time to enjoy a romantic dinner at home, can provide the quality time you need to maintain a close bond. Being affectionate goes a long way to help keep the sparks kindled until you can get away alone. It's important to remember all the things that you loved to do during the early days of your relationship whatever you did that brought on the excitement!
Surprise Your Spouse With Romantic Gestures. It's easy to fall into a rut and let time go by without giving your relationship the attention that it deserves. Taking just a few minutes each day to let your partner know how much you care can make all the difference. Bringing home flowers for no reason, leaving love notes posted in obvious places, sending a sexy message via email, text or voicemail is a great way to leave a smile on your partner's face, and make the day seem lighter. Helping out around the house like doing the dishes, taking out the garbage, and making the bed -- especially when you decided early on in the marriage that it's not your responsibility to do so. Our actions are also a way to say I love you and can speak volumes over our words. Do say it as well, I-Love-you!!!
Care for and Nurture your selves separately. Keep your body in shape and don't let go of you! Going off to your favorite book club when your sweetie's out golfing isn't a sign you two are drifting apart. On the contrary, developing individual interests allows for a richer life as a couple. By taking little breaks of time away from each other, you'll gain a greater appreciation of the gifts your partner brings to your life and your marriage. You'll find it to be very sexy to be independent sometimes, and you'll feel better about yourself and less demanding of your partner when you're together. After all, taking some personal responsibility for your own well-being relieves the pressure on the other person to "provide" happiness. Nurturing solo adventures from time to time will keep give each of you plenty of adventures to talk about, along with the life memories that you create together which also keeps the bond between you strong.
Communicate for a Healthy Marriage By any measure the one thing to remember in your relationship is to communicate. If you feel like you're being neglected and ignored, let it be known. Do not try to hide your feelings and build up animosity whether you feel you're competing against work, or the kids, or anything else. Likewise, if you feel like the fire is dieing in what was once a passionate fierce love life, let your partner know how you feel. Avoid being accusatory or placing blame, instead focus on making things right again and the way you want them to be. If you approach it right, you may be surprised that your not alone in what you're feeling!


Anita said...

This post is a great read. I actually copied it (I hope that's ok) and went over it with my husband! I want to go over it again and again and study it along with a few of your other tips! They're great! Thank you so much for taking the time to share!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

No problem Anita! We're here to help! Glad you like the tips! See you back here soon!

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