Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wisdom...A Romantic Tip!

The essence of romance is to do something that's going to endear someone to you. A lot of men in particular are asking, "why isn't there any romance between me and my wife"? The answer is part of a list of remedies that I refer to as the Honey Be's. Here's the top three on the list:
  1. Be Creative
  2. Be Compassionate
  3. Be Considerate

For example:

Purchase a few roses...a pink rose which represents compassion and consideration...a yellow rose that represents sun and sustenance...a red rose that represents passion and fire.

  1. Place the pink rose with a note and a jar of body butter by her car keys promising her a massage later that night.
  2. Place the yellow rose in the closet with a note telling her that she always looks fabulous!
  3. Place the red rose in the bedroom with a piece of sexy note necessary!

These romantic tips can work both ways in any relationship. Whether it's the man or the women sharing in keeping the romance alive!


Becky said...

What a great way to express your love! I can see myself doing this for my husband who looks and smells good everyday!

Jay from Atlanta, GA said...

This seems like such a girly blogspot but informative for guy. I really enjoy the romantic tips! They really help and this one is well worth a try!

Anonymous said...

I'm really starting to look forward to your Wednesday Wisdom a Romantic Tip. Keep them coming!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

I try to leave comments that I live by. Thank you so much for lettin me know your thoughts and feelings. These tips are perhaps the most important thing that I blog about!

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