Sunday, March 1, 2009

A snowy Sunday, a fire and a good book!........

I'm determined to finish all of the many books that I started reading last year! I love reading autobiographies, purposeful books and books that spark inspiration. I also love reading books about relationships, especially because most of my romantic decorating consultations end up on the topic.
Honey Bear made a fire early afternoon and as he prepared dinner, (still celebrating my birthday!!) I finally finished this one by Dr. Robin Smith, a licensed psychologist, TV personality, and author who appears regularly on Oprah. She examines traditional and nondenominational wedding vows, and shows how to use them to build a happy, healthy, satisfying, and long-lasting marriage. I give this one 2 thumbs up!
A perfect day for reading. It's been snowing for hours, giant snowflakes! You can't really tell in this photo.
{Image Source: Me}


Anonymous said...

I'm going to pick this up for a friend in need. Thanks because I haven't heard about this book at all!

Taffy said...

The title alone makes me want to read it. Thanks for sharing about it.

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