Friday, March 6, 2009

Valentines Day Dinner Event!

The pictures just popped in from one of the things that we were up to on Valentine’s Day. We were truly playing cupid that day and night! We had to spread our wings and fly and call on the help of a few other cupids!
To start the evening off, I was invited to share my romantic decorating tips at the ROMANCING THE STONE, A VALENTINE'S DINNER EVENT FOR COUPLES, authored by Relationship Coach and Mediator, Mrs. Paula Y. Martin of Martin Maximum Mediation, LLC.

The Lifesaver Game Me

Paula had an awesome message and delivered relationship core competencies, necessary to maintain vibrant romance as couples build and maintain a strong, happy and loving relationship with their mate!
Sugar Bear and I sat down and played along since we were her surprise guest! We took the test, played the lifesaver game, listened and learned along with all of the other fantastic couples that we met!
After that it was a long night of playing romantic decorating cupid!
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Stay tuned for more from Paula and Creations of Love!a



Anonymous said...

Curious about the lifesaver game?

Creationsoflove said...

Each couple had a choice between a number of different tootpicks. Once they chose the one they wanted to work with, they had to lift a lifesaver out of a bowl and pass it to their mate with the toothpick onto their mates toothpick who then had to drop it in a bag. The couple that scooped up the most lifesavers out of their bowl won a prize!

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