Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Green Bridal Registry!

Green Gifts.... Consider these sites to build a top-notch earth-friendly bridal registry:

  • Branchhome.com A growing number of retailers are offering well-designed green goods, but the best of all may be Branch, which sells both the practical, like sustainably made towels by Bonjour, to the decorative, such as a sleek hanging planter from Perch.
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  • Gaiam.com A favorite destination for those who are committed to the eco lifestyle in ways big and small. Gaiam offers a range of necessities, from manual lawn mowers to stainless steel water bottles.
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  • Alternativegiftregistry.org Couples can use this new umbrella site to register for both tried-and-true home accessories (such as flatware from Target) and nontraditional items, like donations to favorite charities, carbon offsets and even trees from local nurseries.
This content appeared in Elegant Bride magazine.

Photo credit: David Lewis Taylor


Becky said...

I'm going green this year as you've mentioned you are and I'll check these sites out. I haven't had much time to research anything lately!

Anonymous said...

I actually used Alternativegiftregistry.org it's great! I highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

I'm going shopping!!!! Can't wait to see what I can find! Thanks for sharing these links.

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

I am really trying to go green this year!

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