Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's...Fav, Fab, Find!

DIY Romantic Wrapping Paper....
I found this clever idea over at Martha's! How to create your own wrapping paper:
To create your own artful wrapping paper, just push a button -- the secret to these nature-themed designs is a standard black-and-white photocopier. Start by placing a flower, thin slice of fruit, or another shapely light-colored object (darker tones don't reproduce well) between sheets of clear acetate. Center the sandwiched item on the copier glass, cover with plain white paper, and copy onto white or colored paper (enlarging or reducing as desired). Wrap gifts with the paper, and finish them with sheer satin ribbon.
Definitely going to try this one!

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Katie said...

Thanks for sharing. I never have time to look anything up. Your blogspot is quickly becoming a go to place for me. Ideas galore! I have a bridal shower to go to this weekend and the gift I bought is really small! Several pair of thong underwear! I'm going to pick up a small box on my way home and the white paper and I have a vase with roses already. I'll write back and let you know, may even send you a photot! (If it turns out ok!)

Atlanta, GA

Candice [The NotWedding] said...

Gotta love Martha!...
It was great chatting with you yesterday, Mary. I'll definitely be keeping up with Creations of Love and I look forward to meeting you at The NotWedding!

Anonymous said...

Looks very romantic!

Katie said...

Hey there CL,

I did it and it turned out really good and she loved the gift wrap and the gift of course. The sad part, I was running late forgot my camera and was having so much fun at the bridal shower I forgot to ask someone to take a picture of it before she opened it!

Have a great week!

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

So glad you all like this find. I too love Martha!

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