Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday's...Fav, Fab, Find!

Perfect for a romantic dinner table setting!!!e
Set of 4 Peacock Butterfly Napkin Rings: $20.00
Set of 4 Peacock Napkin Rings: $40.00
The Peacock feather is showing up everywhere, why not at the dinner table! I'm inspired by these fabulous napkin rings! I'm in love with Z Gallerie !
A bit of Peacock feather history:
The male peacock sports about 150 of the long "eyed" peacock tail feathers with which most of us are so familiar. These feathers are shed annually during the molt and gathered as a valuable "crop" in many countries through its range.
Peacock feathers are a symbol of good luck and well-being throughout Asia and most of the world.


Rachelle said...

I heart these, oooh so adorable!

Nashville, TN

Sam said...

My wife would love these. Maybe I'll surprise her!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the history! Probably learned in school and forgot!

Anonymous said...

Love these!!

Tonya said...

I actually have the butterfly ones! Love them! Love Z-Gallerie! Love your Blog!

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