Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Romantic Valentine’s Day Celebrations for Every Budget

1. Breakfast in Bed! Start your special day off right by setting the mood with breakfast in bed. Sneak out of bed and whip up a stack of heart-shaped pancakes topped with strawberries and whipped cream. Deliver them to your snoozing sweetheart with fresh mimosas to toast your love. If you’d rather have some extra cuddle, plan ahead and have the kitchen prep out of the way the night before. Stock up on pastries from your favorite local bakery, pick up strawberries already washed and cut up from your local fresh market. Your sweetie is sure to thank you!
2. Make it a Spa Night! Treat your Valentine to a special night by transforming your bathroom into the ultimate spa setting. Decorate a hot bath with fresh rose petals (check with your local florist—they should have plenty for you!) and have a glass of red wine and of sweet treats displayed nearby. Just in case the steam from the water melts the the chocolates, have a few red velvet cupcakes from Sweet-Pockets on hand that will melt only her heart ( Oh...don't forget to heat the towels in the dryer before she exits the tub. The night doesn’t have to end with the bath! Two plush bathrobes and great smelling spa products will keep the night relaxed and romantic. Spray the bed with lavender scented linen spray and indulge with an exfoliating sugar scrub or peppermint foot massage. It’s a perfect way to prepare for a night out…or a night in!
3. Indulge with a Romance Package from Creations of Love! Let the romance experts at Creations of Love ( surprise you and your Valentine with one of our signature Romance Packages. Equipped to set-the-mood in a variety of different ways, Creations of Love aims to create a spark of passion greater than that of Cupid. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Creations of Love local orders will receive a free bouquet of flowers and all mail orders will receive a free box of truffles.
4. Give Jewelry! Let your Valentine know that your love will stand the test of time with a piece of sustainable jewelry, the newest trend in the eco-conscious fashion industry. Smart Glass Jewelry creates stunning necklaces and earrings (and cufflinks for the guys!) from wine and beer bottles. Do you share a love for red wine? Then pick out a pine colored piece to symbolize that special bond.
5. Give Flowers with a Twist! Roses are always a welcomed gift, but this year you can make your bouquet extra special by placing one different colored rose in the mix of traditional red roses. A simple card that reads, “In a sea of many, you stand out to me,” will really leave a lasting memory. Flower Bar at the Irwin Street Market has an abundance of fresh roses and will help create the perfect arrangement.

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