Thursday, February 12, 2009

Romantic Ideas are Blooming.....

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I received an email feedback form from a guy that wants to use our romantic decorating and design services. During our phone consultation, he shared that his wife's birthday is in May, an ideal time to surprise her with one of our romance packages!
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He's already made plans for Valentines Day. A drive down to the romantic city of Savannah for a long weekend is on tap! He called me to learn more about our service and to share with me this beautiful limited edition charm from Juicy Couture that I completely overlooked while on Nordstrom's website, (see the Juicy Couture charms that I blogged about in a previous post). He ordered one for his wife and he is going to give it to her while their on the road to Savannah.....sooooo romantic!

Click on the images to see the charm up close!

One Word: Adorable!
I gave him a fun tip of discovery for the surprise gift! Pack a picnic basket filled with all of there favorites eats. Leave the charm in the box and place it in the basket in an obvious place. While driving down the road ask her for something in the basket!
, prepared for a big kiss and have a box of tissue on hand, for the tears to follow!! So glad you found us while surfing on Google! We look forward to planning your next surprise in May!

Our Lovely Readers!

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