Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Italian Silk Satin, Rosette Detail....A Sexy Bridal Slingback!

One of my girlfriends is getting married in June. She lives in Texas and we've been discussing ideas for the last year or so. Everything from her dress, to the wedding planner that she's working with and everything in between!
She's still looking for shoes because she doesn't want to come out her heels at anytime during her special day but wants something comfortable! She loves to wear 4 and 5 inch heels and can strut through an airport wearing them with blue jeans, so why shes even worried about it beats me!!!!
Anyway.....she just sent me an email, asking me to have a look at these adorable ‘Cole Haan Ceci Air Rose’ Sling back sandals that she found and let her know what I think!k
My Reply :
Love them....perfect....made with NIKE AIR technology to keep your feet comfortable for the big day! I love the rosette detail and the fact that the white Italian silk satin is dyable to match your gown. {vintage vanilla} Girlfriend if your not satisfied, consider them for the bridesmaids dresses and have them dyed to match! {Deep Coral}
Inspiration: “You make me feel like dancing”!!!
Heel height: 4 inches!
Price Tag: $428.00
What do you think??
j s
{Image Source}: nordstrom.com


Heidi said...

Beautiful shoe! Go for it!

Anonymous said...

I love these sandals! They are romantic, sexy and elegant. Expensive but worth it for the occasion.

A Shoe Lover said...

How sweet thou art!!!!!

So FabuLuxe!™ said...

Simply fab! Love the detail, so pretty and romantic. A good investment for thy foot sake.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to get a good look, but once I clicked on the name of the shoe and the Nordstrom site came up and I could view them in a larger photo you can really see the detail. If she's looking for style and comfort this is probably the right shoe. It has both elements!!! Good luck!!

Lisa said...

These shoes are perfect as a wedding shoe and can be worn later to someone else's wedding, on a romantic date, Easter morning for church, or even a Mothers day brunch! I agree with one of the other comments, the actual photo on the Nordstrom site enlarged really shows the detail of the shoes up close! Buy it and move on to whatever remaining details on your list that are still un-resolved! You'll feel better and have fabulous shoes for your pics!

Charlie said...

As a fashion consultant...trust me this is a great choice! You can't beat comfort and style!

San Antonio, TX

Kathy said...

Dear Mary,

Tell your friend, at least this shoe doesn't make her have to choose style over comfort! She'll get both!

Akron, Ohio

Romantic Decorating and Design said...

Ok everyone...the verdict...she ordered these afterall and I think like most of you, she'll be very pleased on her wedding day, to be beautiful, stylish and most of all COMFORTABLE!!

Thanks for taking part in my little poll!

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