Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Cupcake for your Cupcake!!!!

Cupcakes are the latest trend from coast to coast. From sweet shops to bakeries even sandwich shops. This year, we're getting a lot of request for cupcakes. Some people are ditching the idea of a box of chocolates and are planning on having cupcakes instead! Upon request, we'll place them on a beautiful footed serving dish in our decorated suites.
There's a lot of great cupcakes out there. The Atlanta Cupcake Factory is one of my favorites and my niece makes a Red Velvet cupcake that will have your toes twinkling and your taste buds smiling! She's actually in the start up phase of her own dessert company!

The Atlanta Cupcake Factory was chosen Favorite Cupcakes in Atlanta by the Wallstreet Journal in December 2008.

Sweet Pockets is another favorite! They were voted as the "critics pick" by Creative Loafing in 2008 and The Atlanta Cupcake Factory was vote as the "readers pick".
We can't wait to hear what our customers have to say about these sweet treats!

Our Lovely Readers!

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