Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Make it Last....

How many men out there have ever heard their significant other say "You're just not that romantic"? Of course, it's not that you don't enjoy being romantic, it's just that, well, life is hectic, and you have trouble coming up with fresh new ideas for romance.
In my countless face to face conversations, phone conversations and late night tears with friends, family and people that I’ve met all over the country, It's my belief that men and women are indeed romantic. We just often times don’t show it and when we do it’s the same old routine.
w ..
Make the important decision to prioritize loving each other over anything else! We like to think that, you have to keep creating a marriage not re-creating it. When you keep creating it then it feels new and we all know what new feels like, smells like and taste like! From a new car to a new outfit and a new flavor of ice cream that delights your taste buds and leaves your toes a curling!
We can help! We have so many exciting ways that you can create something new and exciting to reignite the flames and in some cases start the fire! It’s what we do and we are in love with love! This year bring sexy back! Make it stick with new ideas! We are always here to help!
Creations of Love

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