Monday, December 15, 2008

Our More Than Just Roses..........
Aster: Symbol of Love; Daintiness; Variety; Elegance; This purple wildflower was named for the Latin word for "star." Also known as the birthflower for September.

Flowers have been proven to have a psychological affect on people. According to a study conducted at Rutgers University, flowers have a tremendous beneficial impact on our emotional lives. Admit it, once you receive a bouquet of flowers or even a single flower you immediately feel happier, your mood improves, and you usually have an intimate connection with the blossom/s.
Flowers are living creatures, they too have names to represent their unique self. However, unlike people's names which represent personality traits, flower names symbolize the emotional affect the flowers will have on the giver as well as the recipient.
Since there are so many names from A-Z, pick flowers that have a meaning as they relate to Romance!
Next time add a little Aster to the bouquet or give a bunch by themselves!

Our Lovely Readers!

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